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The sequel to one of bestselling BJJ books of all time, Beyond the Black Belt by 3rd degree black belt Nic Gregoriades is guaranteed to take your jiu jitsu to the next level. 

Inside you'll find: 
  • The 'Escape Mastery Formula' - the elements you need to get out of any tough situation
  • Why leg-locks are the biggest trend in grappling - and how to learn and use them properly
  • Why Roger Gracie is the best BJJ competitor of all-time and what it’s like to roll with him
  • Essential guard-passing concepts and how to use them
  • How aging effects your game - and how to minimize its effects
  • The truth about the 'Jiu Jitsu Globetrotter' lifestyle and the best cities to train in
  • The most important body part to train for better performance on the mat (hint: it’s not your ‘core’) 
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With a foreword by Roy Dean and over 300 pages of condensed jiu jitsu wisdom and full-color professional photographs, Beyond the Black Belt presents an illuminating look at all aspects of the gentle art.

Among the many things you'll learn are:
  • What really makes a goodblue belt - and why most white belts aren’t ready for it!
  • The fastest ways to improve all types of guard
  • Why learning the latest fancy move probably won’t help you - and what to focus on instead
  • Advice from a doctor (and BJJ black belt!) on how to deal with the most common jiu jitsu injuries
  • How Kit Dale used progressive training methods to become one of the best grapplers in the world
  • The 7 crucial mistakes you might be making during training - and how to correct them 
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Roger Gracie, 10-Time World Champion

"Nic is my first black belt and for a good reason. His book shows his deep involvement and dedication to my family's art." 

Georges St-Pierre, Multiple UFC Champion

“Nic is a great training partner and he’s got an amazing ground game. I really enjoyed training with him!”
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