Fundamentals Aren't Just for White Belts

"You can practice shooting eight hours a day, but if your technique is wrong, then all you become is very good at shooting the wrong way. Get the fundamentals down and the level of everything you do will rise."

- Michael Jordan

You'll never master jiu jitsu until you learn the basics

Roger Gracie, 10-Time World Champion

“Nic is an excellent teacher and fighter who understands jiu-jitsu on a deep level. "

Georges St-Pierre, Multiple UFC Champion

“Nic is a great training partner and he’s got an amazing ground game. I really enjoyed training with him!”

If there’s one secret obsession shared by some of the most successful athletes and coaches of all-time, it’s focus on the fundamentals.

In BJJ Building Blocks world-renowned instructor Nic Gregoriades will help master the fundamentals of jiu jitsu

  • The Proper Approach: You will gain fast, massive improvement in your jiu jitsu once you begin to properly utilize certain fundamental skills and concepts
  • Powerfully Simplified: Get the world renowned BJJ instructor’s approach to laying the ground work moves that form all others
  • 100% Exclusive:   Get tips and guidance from the 2nd degree black belt that are only available through Building Blocks
  • Over 50 Videos: Nic teaches you his personal approach to the fundamentals across 3 hours of lessons, broken into 50 easy-to-digest lessons 
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Oliver Geddes, BJJ Black Belt Champion

"Nic explains all the material in a clear and easily accessible fashion, making this a great resource for beginners to jiujitsu."
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Jiu Jitsu Concepts
($150 Value)

Exclusive footage of Nic and jiu jitsu maestro Tim Peterson teaching a detailed concept-focused BJJ seminar in Los Angeles. It includes a high-percentage throw and a devastating guard-pass -> back-take -> submission sequence.

Grappling Mobility 
($20 Value)

We all know grappling is the great joint destroyer. In this new video Nic shares with you the tips and secrets he uses to beat the odds and keep his joints pain free and supple for peak jiu jitsu performance.

BJJ Private
($25 Value)

Filmed in thailand by famed jiu jitsu videographer Stuart Cooper, this ‘private’ lesson with Nic demonstrates an original ‘Grapple Kata’ designed to help you move efficiently on the ground. It also includes a ‘chain-drill’ sequence as well as some details on a powerful bjj concept.

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